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  • $4,999.00 by William Komskis

    Inativo.com and Logo Design

    This intriguing name originates from the words "innovate" and "nativo", which means "native" in Spanish. The name is pronounced as one word and is very memorable. Native is also a word often used in many industries to describe products that are specifically made for platforms on which they appear on. While perfect for native ads and apps, this beautiful name can be used for a wide-variety of other businesses as it evokes a feeling of trust. The logo is an abstract illustration of a wing, which symbolizes freedom which technology gives us and the new heights you can take your clients to.
    $4,999.00 by William Komskis
  • $1,999.00 by William Komskis

    For Sale – KEMVO.com and Logo Design

    For Sale - KEMVO.com and Logo Design. Kemvo is a brand that grabs your attention. It is a professionally sounding name yet with a unique twist. Make your business stand out. Comes with the domain name Kemvo.com and logo design.
    $1,999.00 by William Komskis
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    $14,999.00 $9,999.00 by William Komskis

    For Sale – BDG.org and Logo Design

    For Sale - BDG.org and Logo Design. This is a premium brand for any serious business. Perfect name for just about any business, as it's short and super easy to remember. BDG is commonly used for "Business Development Group" but can be a short, recognizable name for any business.
    $14,999.00 $9,999.00
    $14,999.00 $9,999.00 by William Komskis