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  • $349.00

    For Sale – Geranius DNA Flower Logo

    For Sale, Exclusivity and Customization included: A blossoming flower is combined with a simple DNA genetics strand. Key ideas include  human dna, life sciences and chemistry, biotech, plant sciences, gene therapy, genetic modification, ascenstry and family tree research, chemistry, biology and more. FREE changes to name and color, .eps and .png files, exclusive rights, included with purchase. (logo is never sold again after you buy it)
  • $3,999.00 by William Komskis

    Kinactiv.com and Logo Design

    This brand was created by combining two words - "kinetic energy" + "active". Kinetic energy is the energy a body possesses due to its motion. This is a phenomenal brand for any business that is constantly in motion or its products are. Comes with the fantastic domain name Kinactiv.com and logo design.
    $3,999.00 by William Komskis
  • $2,999.00 by William Komskis

    For Sale: Hologenetic.com Domain and Logo Design

    Hologenetic.com is a brand designed for the inner being in you. It can be used for anything from genetics to new hologram technologies. Genes define who we are so this brand can be tailored to just about anything. Includes the domain name Hologenetic.com and logo design.
    $2,999.00 by William Komskis