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    Dizno.com and Logo Design


    Did you know that majority of the businesses will change their direction at at least once in their existence? This is because businesses may start out as one thing and their clients may transform it into something entirely different.

    This is why it’s important to have a name that is versatile like Dizno.com. You can pivot as many times as you want and you still have a memorable, relevant and one of a kind brand.

    Dizno.com has been designed to fit a wide-variety of businesses and currently available at this amazing introductory price.

    $2,999.00 $1,799.00
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    DYVU.com and Logo Design


    Dyvu domain and logo design for sale – a brand for the modern company. Those who are willing to challenge the norms. The name follows a very popular consonant vowel consonant vowel (CVCV) pattern, which is popular among businesses. The name is super easy to spell, pronounce and it’s unforgettable. Companies that use similar names are Dyson and Dycom, daewoo. This name is much more modern and easier to remember.

    FREE changes to name and color, vector .eps and .png files, exclusive rights, included with purchase. (logo is never sold again after your purchase)

    $9,999.00 $5,999.00
  • $1,999.00 by William Komskis



    iNeem is a brand designed for the automated world. Artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous vehicles, 3d printing, and other world-changing technologies.

    Comes with the domain name iNeem.com and logo design.  Your purchase includes:

    •    web and vector files (.eps/.ai/.jpg/.png)
    •    exclusive rights to domain and logo (logo is not sold again once purchased)
    •    FREE changes to name and color

    $1,999.00 by William Komskis
  • $3,999.00 by William Komskis

    For Sale – QJOA.com and Logo Design


    For Sale – QJOA.com and logo design. Tech companies are going with short brandable names for their startups. QJOA is a fantastic name that is easy to pronounce and brand. Even big corporate brands like Qdoba are turning to similar names but here’s your chance to get one at a super affordable price.

    $3,999.00 by William Komskis
  • $8,999.00 by William Komskis

    For Sale – Exponeva.com and Logo Design


    For Sale – Exponeva.com and logo deisgn. A brand that excites. Exponeva is derived from the word exponential, typically used to describe something that multiplies exponentially, meaning really quickly. Perfect for quick growing technologies, advancements in medicine, or business. It can be also associated with exposure, expose, expo, exports, etc.

    Comes with the beautiful domain name Exponeva.com and logo design.

    $8,999.00 by William Komskis
  • $5,999.00 by William Komskis



    A brand tailored to the evolving technology world.

    Perfect for the growing augmented reality, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, robotics, 3d scanning, and more.

    Includes the premium name Cryrex.com and incredible logo design.

    $5,999.00 by William Komskis