Nyqo.com and Logo Design

Nyqo.com and Logo Design

by William Komskis

$12,000.00 $9,999.00


NYQO.com is a one of a kind brand that is bound to be remembered. Not only that, it’s associated with one of the greatest and most famous cities on earth – New York. Perfect for a NY based startup or business, but can work for just about anything.

Included with the purchase is the premium domain name NYQO.com. 4 letter domain names of this quality are extremely rare and typically sell for $xx,xxx.

William Komskis

My name is William and I help startups (and existing businesses) create and grow their brands. I worked with companies who typically spent $xx,xxx - $xxx,xxx to brand their businesses. I provide the same quality but with prices that you can actually afford.


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